Équipe Garceau Julien

Manon Garceau
Real estate broker

Manon began her career in the luxury hotel industry, working for major international chains. Her mandates as sales and marketing director in an environment where the level of customer service had to be constantly improved and reinvented, led her to constantly surpass herself to satisfy the world's most demanding travelers. In 2007, a major turning point in her life: she became a mother. With the arrival of her son, it was time to stay close to home, no more eternal business trips.

« For me, real estate joins the aspects that motivated me most in my previous career. That is, looking after the well-being of our customers, of course, but also having the opportunity to use my creativity, imagination and experience to guide them towards the realization of their dreams, in an environment that is even more personal and rewarding than a temporary stay. »

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Antoine Julien
Real estate broker

Antoine is a man of numbers and a man of heart. Having made a career in securities and investment management; a team leader and proud family man, he has also personally invested in multi-residential real estate projects with his partners. Like his mother, now retired, and after more than twenty years in the corporate world, he chose to follow his passion for real estate.

« I'm a fan of financial challenges and strategies, but what made me take the leap into real estate were the personal, human and proximity aspects, which I missed in the corporate world. As a real estate broker, you have to deal with the practical aspects of a major financial transaction, but the emotional side, which plays a big part in these life choices, is where I believe connections are made and relationships built. »

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Team Garceau Julien | Real Estate Brokers

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